• Brand: Transcat
  • Model: NM002
  • Weight: 1.3 (KG)
  • Size Info: SMALL DOG
  • Availability: in stock

Price : $115.95


Transcat Dog Door

The Transcat Dog Door is a similar shape as the Transcat Cat Door – clear but significantly bigger.  It is suitable for small dogs typically up to Beagle size. 

What the Transcat Dog Door can do for you

The Transcat Dog Door has a 4 way locking system that allows for locking the door in either direction, both directions or not at all.  It allows for easy control by the owner from both the inside & outside.  Your dog can come and go without you having to stop what you are doing!



Installation Instructions

The Transcat Dog Door® is designed primarily to fit into glass doors or panels but it can also be fitted into other materials.

A Glazier will need to cut the hole in glass and should be consulted about where to cut the hole, which should be 385mm in diameter. If installation into a double glazed panel is considered appropriate, longer bolts are available in lengths of 30, 35 & 40mm.

Find the best position

The Glazier should be consulted about where to cut the hole but owners should also consider factors such as the height of the dogs legs and whether or not they are fully grown.  The dog should also be able to go through the dog door without having to jump up or crouch down.

Assemble the Transcat Dog Door® by fastening the ring, on the inside of the glass panel, to the dog door which is placed on the outside, with the text on the flap facing out. Secure using the bolts, nuts & washers supplied using only your fingers to tighten the nuts or very light pressure with a spanner.

Other materials

Your Transcat Dog Door® can be fitted to thicker panels or solid core wooden doors or walls using a 358mm diameter hole. The supporting ring is not required because the dog door is fastened to the outside using screws (not supplied).


Remove the door from where it is installed and wash in soapy water using a soft cloth.  Do not use spray on lubricants.
The plastic is tough but it will break if put under strain for which it is not intended.  For example, care should be taken not to allow a sliding door to hit the side of the flap which might be still swinging because if it is hit from the side it will break.  Should a breakage occur your retailer can obtain spare parts.

"The Transcat Dog Door has been manufactured in response to a need from dog owners.  This product has been
designed to meet that need and it has been widely accepted by consumers but new purchasers should be aware that,
when unlocked, the door opening could allow a small child to squeeze through."


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