• Brand: Heaven Scent
  • Model: WC062
  • Weight: 15 (KG)
  • Size Info: 15KG
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            &nb sp; HEAVEN SCENT


            &nb sp;       15KG

Why it Reduces Odour

The raw materials used in Heaven Scent contain natural oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria which produce an ammonia odour.

What happens to the Used Litter?

Dispose of any used Heaven Scent in an environmentally friendly manner by composting this 100% bio-degradable product.
Spread any used Heaven Scent on the lawn and mix into garden beds.
Do not, however, reuse in vegetable gardens.


Use less litter with a two piece sieve tray so that every kilo of Heaven Scent lasts longer.


New to Your Pet?
Introduce Heaven Scent by filling the litter tray to a depth of 3cm and sprinkling some of your old litter over the top until your pet is used to the new litter.

Two Piece Wood Pellet Sieve Tray
Put two or three handfuls of Heaven Scent in the base of a clean empty litter tray to absorb any fluids that have passed through the sieve. Place the sieve on top of the base and fill with 2cm of Heaven Scent.
Shake the tray periodically to allow any wet litter to pass through the sieve. Scoop out solids daily.
Replace the litter in the base and top up the sieve whenever required.
Clean the entire tray and replace with fresh Heaven Scent regularly.

One Piece Tray
Fill the clean empty litter tray with 3cm of Heaven Scent.
Scoop out solids daily and replace any soiled litter regularly.
Wear gloves when handling soiled cat litter and always wash your hands afterwards.


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